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Two End'it - A Sunflower Story

"Happy New year" she said. But was it really? I wish her words remained true. I lost two things this year - a sunflower, also called as a peony, and passion - a mix of personal and professional existence.

"I think its better " - a statement that sound positive to you, wasn't, actually. Rather it was the complete opposite. A full stop, an end, a trauma that I yet I havent recovered from. I dont want to recover. I want to embrace that near perfect person that I used to know once again. Its never been like this Kinan. Never have I been shadowed so roughly. Well then can I make it better? Most certainly, not. A sunflower of such poise and respect, doesn't an uncorageous tulip. Do I want to? With tears, just a desire to hear it rustle with the sound of wind.

A perfect sunflower. The face so perfect, the sun falls short of light. The petals so god-like, the world would cry. And the stem so elegant, one could stare at it all day.

She was a sunflower.

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