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The Special Screening

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

The special screening premieres everyday at 23:30 SST, 21:00 IST, and 18:30 KSA.

Hey Mom, Hey Dad, Hey Fam! I wish I could say this face to face.

It's been a year today since I last embraced and felt your human existence.. 365 days of knowing you only via the screen ... this is not even real... I don't know if you have become fat or thin, don't know what your smile looks like naturally, or the true sound of your laughter. I don't know how beautiful your faces are - I don't know anything. It seems like I am slowly forgetting everything - eventually maybe even your real existence. Your hands, your hugs, your kisses - it is all so unnatural. It isn't easy - knowing you are there, but not here. Near me in a matter of seconds, but far away in emotions. How blessed are those who know and feel the existence of blood love without having to maintain social distancing?

I breathe a heavy sigh!

For many 365 days may seem short. And for the rest of humanity - those who think from their hearts, know that feelings cannot be weighed in duration. A minute feels like it's forever. If I tell this to the world, would they believe me?

It is not the first time you've stayed away - by need or force - more often than not for what I can remember from the mature years of me growing up - the forces of nature have never allowed us to remain within the same geography. Sometimes it was the East, and sometimes the South - while the west remained constant. I pray there never comes North, and I will continue praying the same.

I miss the sight of formals on you guys, the secret polishing through the night, the vibe of the morning tea, the gentle drives, the known and the unknown, the humble silences, the oneness, the collaborated dreams, the being of us, the airy rawness of us - Ill stop here.

I celebrate an anniversary - a sad one - commemorating the beginning of a new timer, while continuing the old. A year of togetherness with M - only to start another with another detour. This is not a story for the books. Not a memory of the wishful.

Pray - for the joys of embracing your loved ones with joy and smiles. I know there are a million like me, hopeful, with fingers crossed and hopes high. I know you miss them more than anything. I know when the clock ticks a certain time - the buzzes of your video call notification become a ritual. Annoying at times, but needed nevertheless - t is what keeps us sane.

Distance - rightfully, a stance of its kind - an unknown moment.

I wish you well.

An empty dining table; waiting

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