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The Circus running Gurus ●

I am not defying the authenticity of your qualification. You absolutely know your stuff and have rightfully earned it. Youve climbed mountains, been through life changing experience, lived in isolation, or even just an epiphany aka the pedestal.

And just based on this I want to question your reality - you know what I think - you guys are just good at selling yourself better than most people are. Yupp thats about it - and you know why?! Because there is no real reason beyond a 'the pedestal' that you are good at. One does not monetise/ sell a failed relationship. You shouldn't be stating the fact that an accident is what made you to become a motivation speaker.

In marketing we learn about Product / Service. To be different you also need to have a unique selling proposition. And this very pedestal is what it is. Your product or service is your physical self and the pedestal your USP. And that is just absurdly awful.

You people are nothing but an overly inflated market tag. Your values are high because of a bunch of marketing baboons.

Some of your are worthy of being there. But the majority of you - I'd even save spitting on you.

Brings me to the second awful part of your awful selves. The way you market - makes me sick to think about it.

Life experts for rockstars, athletes, celebrities, billionaries, and other top CEOs!

Are you kidding me? These people are asbolute bozos of the society! A run of the mill chasing money. You dont see an athlete enter the field to make a difference - they enter to make money. Cash bags and glamour.

If your work gives you the audacity yo say - I'm glad I'm giving people more purposeful lifes - id like to give you a slap on your face twice withiut any regret.

With all honesty, and feet on the ground, if you're really proud of your work- you wouldn't make them your target market. People who make a difference day in day and the reason of your existence - they are the people who need you the most. Definitely not people in suit and ties.

I'm talking about Doctors, Teachers, Farmers, Firefighters, Policemen, Health workers, Volunteers, leaders of social causes - these are some of the people who need you. Everyday, they risk their lifes to put you in safety. Not the other way around. A doctor sees more life changing scenes than you could imagine. And so do firefighters, a civil servants, and volunteers. The amount of inspiration they'd need on a daily basis is beyond imagination. Imagine the plight of a farmer on a rainy day! Dont imagine the plight of a business men who couldn't get to an important meeting because his car broke down on a rainy day.

Please dont consider yourself to be doing the world a favour. Your glorification in the market is way beyond requirement. Draw your lines- built purpose and motivation for people who actually need it daily.

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is shut up. And not scream to the world, "be silent if you have nothing to say.

You, need to find your purpose dear pretentious Guru / Monk! Not run a circus.

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