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"The Boy who Grew Up to be Nothing"

Updated: Sep 6, 2020



This is the story of the boy who grew up to be nothing - maybe the story of the majority. How beautiful, isn't it. The story of an ordinary individual. People are large don't know the existence of this boy. Quite a restrictive social circle - Not many friends. Passions between few to absolutely none. Born in an ordinary household. He saw dreams - but just ordinary dreams. Oblivious to the thought of thinking big. Never knew what it was like to live a socially famed life. Struggle - paycheck to paycheck and loans were a part of existence.

No major resentments. No he wasn't sad, or anything - he was just, ordinary. Was he smart in school? He was average, but not unintelligent. You could say he was simple- mind.

What did he grow up to be? Just nothing special


Chapter 1 - The Unknown


There wasn't much he lived for as a kid. His definition

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