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Kitchen Perspective" - Bae-riyani 1.0

Growing up, the kitchen was my favorite place in the house. We were fortunate to have lived with a kitchen, the size of which many may even call home. It wasn't in our family that we could call ourselves foodies of today's age - but our kitchen was no less than a junk-yard. Quite literally.

Three male siblings: Processed food was our every day Halloween. Being stupid kid, we didn't learn C for Cat. // We never had a cat // C's to us meant - Chips, Chocolate, Candy, Coke, Cheese, and Cake. It wasn't a trick or treat moment - not at all - only friendly parental treat. Our parents never tricked us on junk food. I wouldn't be lying if I said they loved it as well.

But when it came to actual food, Biriyani was a gamble in my household. For a family of five, its a 2.5 love-hate debate. Needless to say, Bae-ryani gave me the best sleep of the week.

The thing about Biriyani nah, is that its usually never the same taste from the previous cooking session. Its always an experiment - "let's see what happens if I put this before this" Isn't it? There has only been one person in my extended family who always got her Biriyani right. Though she isn't with us today, the lingering smell of the freshly heated Basi Baeryani was a pilgrimage of its own. Unfortunately, the recipe is stored 6 ft' beneath. //

My dad has a visual appetite. He enjoys looking at food and filling his tummy; but of course a

good biriyani always brings back the human hunger. My paternal grandmother taught my dad how to cook her famous Andhra style Dum Biriyani // Making it is like going to school for the first time. You start preparations a night early. //

// Ingredients //

  • Onions

  • Green chili

  • Parsley

  • Pudina

  • Lemons

  • Chicken

  • Oil

  • Haldi / Turmeric

  • Red Chilli powder

  • Garam masala powder

  • Ginger garlic paste

  • Salt

  • Rice

  • Elaichi

  • Cloves

  • Cinnamon

Shallow fry onions in oil until crispy brown

In a different bowl, put chicken, mix lemon juice, then after that put red chili powder, turmeric, ginger-garlic paste, salt, and mix, then put Pudina, Parsley, and finely chopped chilies and mix put the oil from the onion fry along with the fried onions in the mixture and marinate well. Make sure you leave a few onions for later. Let the marinade be for 4-5 hours

Boil lots of water with a small quantity of Elaichi, cloves, cinnamon, salt, and sliced green chili. Add rice and half boil it. Remove the water and keep the rice aside.

Add the chicken marinade to the pan and level. Next, add the rice and level/ layer it as needed. Cover the lid with aluminum foil and ensure no steam is let out. Cover the pan and let it cook slowly for 20-30 minutes.

P.S: Writing Biriyani as biryani is a crime.

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