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Howl of Humanity

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Its dead, its disappeared, its who knows what, where, how - I dont care anymore. Ill be who I want to be, do what I want to do - nobody tells me how to live or behave - my life and my way

I really want to know, is it the lack of education, or is the excess of it?! What is it that spinning the world, garnishing life with external beauty, providing means to people who never believed, and yet again and again surprising us when we see an act of humanity?

I often tell myself, if you don't have anything to say, or good to do, then just don't. Its better to not do good than to do any bad. And even if you had two bad options; a bad and a lesser bad, then do the world a favour and just to nothing.

Just do it doesnt mean you can do whatever that is in your head. Just for crying out loud, stop thinking reflect ponder and understand if what you're doing is the right thing. Just do it also means to keep calm and carry on. Not everything should excite you and spin you to momentum. If you've read science then you mustve read about potential energy and kinetic energy.

Humanity is howling. Humans are fouling. Have you seen the amount of destruction around you, and yet you behave the way you behave? Is there no shame or is there no heart? You see greed and hate being spewn all over. Just because something is labelled xyz doesn't make it bad! You've got to think through everything guys. Your intelligence is being sold to the hands of a few fucktards performing puppetry on your petty little minds. Yet you fail to understand it. You condemn those committing acts of terrorism who take lives of the innocent yet ironically youre thr one being killed on the inside.

As of today - Belarus, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, USA, India, Brazil, Turkey, China, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Almost all of Africa, Latin America, the middle east - are some of the countries that are being sketched upon by an evil artist.

Imagine if you did not have access to drink water for 2 days? What sort of panic would you be in?

Imagine if you couldn't study or work because you lack access to infrastructure, and therefore you have money or education to earn.

Imagine being shooed away by medical institutions because they either don't like you, or have no space for you, or are not satisfied with your lack of financial ability?

Now- what if you put all three issues together- no access to food for survival, no access to money for sustenance, and absolutely no treatment for your suffering, and ultimately no access to your own existence.

When your tummy growls because your mother is heating the chicken once again because she wants to serve hot food, that privilege - but you know what else is privilege, the fact that you can throw away excess food in the blink of an eye without any remorse. My tummy growls too, but not without remembering the days I laid flat penniless. My tummy growls too, for knowing that the greed of a few could be the feed for millions.

Maybe its just me, but i know its not. Its my saying that " you havent really lived life, unless you've provided another being a life which cannot be paid back for"

I suggest a few things to you, follow them at your own desire though. First, just don't be stupid. You can be stupid in doing business, and doing math or learning a subject - but guess what how to stay human is something you should know. Its like breathing. And secondly, , If by any chance you turn out to be stupid, then please educate yourself on the human being instead of getting PhDs.

Its not that hard you know. Respect and Humility is all that it needs. And if that's something you lack, let me know, I have solutions.

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