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Half a life // Half Alive

Death us the only event guaranteed. Its not birth, its not the wedding. I'm scared of death. Whether its mine or somebody close to me, its something you wish to never see. Its the end of life.

Death reminds me how important it is to be a good human. There is zero control once you die. You can't mend relationships in the afterlife. I dont have enemies, except those who do harm to the innocent. I've learnt to forgive people, and almost forget it. It happens more often than not that I dont even remember the good that I may have done. Its good that I have a bad memory - I forget the good and the bad. And thats what matter ultimately.

Things happen in life. Certain situations really break you down. Feels like the end of the world. Given up all hope. You have no second move. No plan B, no purpose, no motivation. Agitated, frustrated, irritated, annoyed. Thats all it is. Thinking why can't things go my way. Why can't the good moments repeat. Why don't I get the attention I deserve? Am I a bad person, have I done bad. Why can't I move on? What stopping me to evolve. Its not supposed to be this way does it? It really sucks you in - the moments of joy and internal happiness. Why can't life be easier one question.

You know what I'm done, will continue some other day

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